A sample selection of Mediations conducted by Stephen

Property Dispute

A dispute between a property management company and property owners over rights and title to various vacant plots and roadways situate on an exclusive residential estate.

Property Dispute

A dispute between property agents and developers over the remuneration terms agreed for location of a potential development site.

Professional Negligence

A professional negligence claim concerning industrial waste and pollution of a commercial property site.

Family Dispute

A family dispute relating to an alleged life tenancy of part of a deceased parent’s estate

Dilapidations and Rent Arrears Dispute

A dilapidations and rent arrears dispute between landlord and tenant upon termination of a business tenancy

Workplace Dispute

A dispute between an employer and employee over alleged possessory title of agricultural property.

Commercial Dispute

A commercial dispute between a business utilities provider, and a small business, alleging it was being charged exorbitant rates.

Boundary Dispute

A boundary dispute involving two adjacent substantial residential properties, one of which had been extensively redeveloped, and the boundaries, allegedly, disturbed.

Service Charge Dispute

A service charge dispute between council tenants in a large estate, and the local authority.

Building Dispute

A building dispute involving employers, architects, contractors and solicitors, concerning development and refurbishment of a local community centre, later found to be in breach of planning and building regulations.

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