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"Stephen is a calm and measured thorough and effective mediator, focused on bringing the parties together. Our experiences have been positive, and the outcomes successful. We would be pleased to use Stephen again.”

Daniel Levy, Partner and Head of Property Litigation, Mishcon de Reya LLP

"Stephen Shaw is an excellent mediator. He resolves disputes in a way that allows parties to compromise without feeling that they have settled disadvantageously.

He is calm in his approach and exudes a friendly authority. Parties feel that he understands their concerns and position. This encourages parties to be positive in their attempts at settlement.

He avoids exacerbating conflicts between parties. By gaining their respect he is able to move parties gently towards settlement in even the most unpromising situations."

Andrew Ross, Senior Counsel and Head of Property Disputes, Travers Smith LLP

"Stephen was well prepared and focused on the main issues. He had a calm, courteous and professional approach and, most importantly, was able quickly to gain the parties' trust. On several occasions the client was ready to walk. However, the manner in which Stephen handled the mediation persuaded him that it was worthwhile to stay. Stephen worked exceptionally hard to achieve a settlement and did an outstanding job in a difficult situation with strong willed parties."

Amanda McNeil, Property Litigation Partner, Howard Kennedy Solicitors

"Stephen was engaged to act as a mediator for a dispute that had certain sensitivities. I thought his approach to the mediation throughout in no small part resulted in the dispute settling and I would have no hesitation in proposing him as a mediator in the future."

Nitej Davda, Contentious Construction and Property Dispute Resolution Partner at Cripps LLP

"Stephen Shaw was instructed to act as mediator in a highly contentious dispute concerning development land. When agreement was eventually reached, it came about principally by reason of his efficient analysis and assimilation of each party’s case and interests, and his sensitive assistance with, and where necessary prompting of, the negotiations. I have no hesitation in recommending him."

Leslie Blohm QC, St John’s Chambers, Bristol.

"I have instructed Stephen Shaw as Mediator on a number of mediations. I found him very user friendly and he always worked tirelessly towards achieving a settlement. He was very good at establishing trust with each party. I always receive positive feedback from clients after using him."

James Couzens, Property Litigation Partner, Parrott & Coales Solicitors, Aylesbury

"Stephen Shaw dealt with a mediation for me, which was a very difficult landlord and tenant matter contested strongly by both parties. After a day of intense negotiation with Stephen's sheer perseverance and tactics we managed to settle the matter. My client was needless to say delighted with the result."

David de Mambro, Barrister, Radcliffe Chambers

"I have appointed Stephen as a mediator on a number of occasions and suggested him as mediator on still more. I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen as a mediator. He always shows sufficient patience and flexibility to gain the parties’ confidence, and helps them to reach the nub of the matter. He demonstrates insight and lateral thinking, so as to enable problems to be analysed in different ways. He is always optimistic, which encourages parties to believe that a mediated settlement is possible – and to achieve it."

Russell Conway, Senior Partner, Oliver Fisher, Solicitors

"Throughout the mediation, Stephen was helpful, sensitive, patient and practical. He was able to help the parties overcome the emotional obstacles to a settlement. His contribution was invaluable".

Ben Stimmler
Barrister, 42 Bedford Row,London

"I used Stephen on a seemingly unresolvable dispute where, through his mediation skills, patience and understanding, the parties managed, eventually, to reach a negotiated settlement which they were both prepared to accept."

David Pollacchi
Commercial Contract Adviser

"Stephen is an effective mediator, who deals sensitively with vulnerable parties. He is charming and empathetic with clients."

Barrister, Lincoln's Inn, London.

"I have assisted/co-mediated with Stephen on two occasions - both of them complex and lengthy cases. His calm manner and clarity enable him to gain and maintain the respect and confidence of all parties in order to engage successfully. Stephen is a highly skilled and rigorous practitioner who I have no hesitation in recommending."

Jackie Miller
Dispute Resolution Specialist

"I have seen Stephen deploy his skills as a mediator when we worked together to co-mediate a session across two very intransigent and troubled individuals. His professionalism, skill, sensitivity and strength as a mediator were palpable. His skills made the clients feel safe. If I ever needed a mediator it is someone of Stephen's calibre that I would hope to use."

Susan Blum
Management Consultant, Executive Coach and Mediator

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